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The Rusty Krab Press Release in Response to Viacom’s Lawsuit

HOUSTON, TX – PIXI Universal, LLC (“PIXI”) was recently informed by TMZ reporters that Viacom International Inc. (“Viacom”), owner of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise (“SpongeBob”), filed a lawsuit against PIXI…

Patent Law Firm Helps Startups with IP Registration

With a background that includes Dell, Apple, Amazon, and more, Lloyd & Mousilli’s Houston patent attorneys are the partner of choice for early-stage startups and technology companies.

When Should You Incorporate Your Startup?

WHEN should you incorporate? The answer is actually also tied to WHY you should incorporate. If your idea is just an idea and you’re happy with keeping it that way with no plans for turning it into a business, then there may not be any need to incorporate at all.

Incorporate In Delaware

Lloyd & Mousilli’s Incorporate in Delaware service is a quick and easy way to incorporate your company for a fraction of the typical legal costs. Delaware has business-friendly regulations which is why thousands of companies choose to incorporate there each year.

Incorporate In Delaware

Delaware Post Incorporation and Checklist

Lloyd & Mousilli’s Delaware Post Incorporation service has everything you and your co-founders need to take the next step towards building a great company.

Delaware Post Incorporation Documents and Checklist

How Companies Collect And Use Personal Information

It’s quite common, and even expected, for apps and online services to collect some type of personal information from users, ranging from names and emails to log and device information.…
How Companies Collect And Use Personal Information


There are three different types of patent applications that can be filed. Please select from the three options to learn more.1. Provisional Patent2. Design Patent3. Utility Patent PROVISIONAL PATENT Securing…