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Patent Attorney Houston

Protecting new or improved creative and intellectual ideas is as important as ensuring a physical property. A patent lawyer in Houston TX can help you safeguard your invention or new design from being copied by others. Lloyd and Mousilli is a renowned patent attorney and IP law firm in Houston who can help you navigate the relatively complicated process of obtaining a patent for your intellectual property.

What is Patent Law in Houston, Texas?

Patent laws are grants used to protect intellectual or creative ideas. These laws forbid others from copying and profiting from the inventions of other individuals or companies.

Houston TX patents attorneys specialize in four types of patents:

  • Utility patents
  • Design patents
  • Provisional patents
  • Non-provisional patents

Utility Patents

A utility patent is a grant used to protect a new or improved version of a product, machine, or process. For instance, a Texas utility patent attorney can help you protect a new car invention that uses electricity instead of gas. Utility patents can be used to protect inventions in machinery components or an improved process for manufacturing items.

Design patents

This patent protects inventions or improvements to the design features of a product or service. For example, when a technology company invents an improved software interface for an existing digital product, a design patent helps protect this new invention.

How to Apply For a Patent

Research existing patents for an idea, innovation, or plant discovery, you would like to protect before applying for a patent. A quick way to look this up is by using Google’s Patent Search.

The next step is to apply for the desired patent. The applicant must provide a detailed document of the item or idea they wish to patent. In addition, one must provide drawings of tangible items they are patenting.

An oath of declaration form is required with the application file. This is the applicant’s declaration that they invented or discovered the item or idea.

During the application, the applicant is required to take an application exam. During the exam, the applicant will be interviewed about his discovery. In addition, applicants have to defend any objections to their discovery. The applicant is required to pay a patent fee after passing the exam. Once the fee is paid, a patent is successfully issued to the applicant.

Why Hire A Patent Lawyer?

Patent applications can take years to become approved. In the meantime, Houston patents lawyers can help to protect your work or item while the applied patent is pending. One way to temporarily protect your work is through a provisional patent. This document proves that your idea or discovery is awaiting patent.

Other legal documents can help fortify your provisional patent, including:

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-compete agreement

A Texas patent lawyer can help you draft all the necessary contract clauses. Our firm employs design patent lawyers and utility patent lawyers for your business needs.

Contact Our IP Lawyers

A Texas patent attorney can provide invaluable tips on how to protect your intellectual property, and be well-prepared in the event of litigation. Contact Lloyd & Mousilli at (512) 609-0059 for a free consultation, or send us an email at info@lloydmousilli.com.

Patent Attorney Houston

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