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Hannah Yanowitch – My Experience

Hannah Yanowitch – My Experience

Baylor University | Waco, TX Anticipated B.A., Dec. 2021

Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Honors Program

Week 1

In my first week at Lloyd & Mousilli, I gained incredibly valuable experience through researching, writing articles, and learning about the intricacies of the firm’s litigation processes. I was tasked with drafting articles for the website and revising and expanding upon a Motion for Summary Judgement. During this process, I researched several topics, including publishing requirements for LLCs, the incorporation and management of LLCs, and operating agreements, but I also delved deeper into the content and structure of Motions for Summary Judgement.

Task 1:

I edited and drafted several articles this week, working from the prompts Megan gave me and formatting the articles according to those posted on Lloyd & Mousilli’s website. These articles focused on the publishing requirements for LLC’s in states with specific exceptions, the differences between member-managed and manager-managed LLCs, the benefits of incorporating LLCs in Texas, and the purpose and content of operating agreements. For these articles, I researched the topics given to me and compiled the information I found. Then, using what I learned to analyze the subject, I wrote an article that fully explained the intended subject in a factual, understandable manner. These tasks proved to be tedious and time-consuming, but after delving into the necessary research I was able to effectively illustrate my point and write an article that I feel accomplishes the task I was assigned and explains the issue to laypersons on the Lloyd & Mousilli website.

Task 2:

My second task was assigned to me by Lema as she asked me to flesh out a Motion for Summary Judgement. Lema granted me access to the Motion for Summary Judgement already in progress for one of her cases, as well as sending me the evidentiary support and related documents for the case. I was familiar with the concept of summary judgement, but had never written a motion before so I had to research the information regarding the case and what information should be included in a Motion for Summary Judgement. I read the supporting documents and then tried to add the necessary proof and arguments to the motion, as well as editing and fleshing out what was already written, using admitted evidence to prove the elements necessary for summary judgment. Researching for this task proved to be a tedious process, but by finding law articles, statutes, and other motions, I was able to complete a draft that I believe adds crucial information to the case and fully explains the argument for summary judgment while fulfilling the expectations that Lema presented to me.


The best advice I can give is to take initiative and research until you understand what you are unsure about. There are certainly times when I needed to message Megan for advice or clarification, but I found that independently researching until I found the answers I needed provided me with a deeper understanding of the topic itself, as well as allowing me to confidently accomplish the task given to me. I would absolutely encourage open communication with your colleagues and supervisors, as this provides both parties with a better understanding of and confidence in your work product.

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