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Category: Financial

How to Slice the Startup Equity Pie

Jun 20, 2017
A classic dilemma most startups face and our lawyers are often asked questions about is deciding how to allocate equity amongst the co-founders and early team members. This conversation is...

Thinking about the End- Equity Buyout Agreements

May 29, 2017
Every story has a beginning and an end. So too, do the relationships of owners in closely held businesses. When a business is organized or expands ownership ranks, the owners...

The Startup Conference 2017

May 28, 2017
Don’t miss the 8th edition of The Startup Conference on May 17 in Redwood City. With 1,000+ entrepreneurs and investors, The Startup Conference is one of the larger tech conference...

Legal Issues for Startups in 2017

Jan 27, 2017
For all of you thinking of building your startup, here’s a great article on some of the advice that we provide our clients on typical issues that arise when you...